Tinolang Manok is the final comfort food! Made of chicken, inexperienced papaya, fresh spinach, and a ginger-flavored broth, this Filipino soup is hearty, healthy, and engaging.

How exceptional it’s miles to be human. The matters we disregard, the things we keep pricey, the matters we remember. I am now a forty–year-antique lady who has long past thru lifestyles, visible too much of life, and but, each time I cook dinner a pot of tinolang manok, a memory from an already remote past can nevertheless grip my coronary heart and tear it aside.

I was 5 years vintage while my dad and mom separated, and shortly after, my father commenced any other family. On one of the irregular events we did go to him, my brothers, my father, his new wife, and his then 2-yr old son accumulated around the table for a lunch of chook tinola.

In the Philippines, or at least in our household, all fit for human consumption components of the hen~liver, gizzards, neck and all, are used within the soup. As there may be best ONE liver in chook and it’s far taken into consideration the maximum nutritious, it’s normally given to the precious toddler of the residence. When my father ladled our quantities of the soup, I reached out for my bowl with a reality that only comes from the naivety of a infant that THE liver was in mine. Instead, my father, cooing as he did, plopped the coveted piece into his boy’s.

I become too young then to give an explanation for the onslaught of tears, to even apprehend what I changed into crying approximately. All I do not forget became the desperate need to be lower back home at my mom’s residence, my mother’s house, in which I could have been the ONE with the liver in her bowl

Cooking recommendations

Although you may use boneless chicken meat, bone-in elements yield the quality taste.
The recipe calls for inexperienced papaya but you could additionally use chayote, potatoes or upo.
I use sparkling spinach leaves as they may be extra on hand but Malunggay or chili leaves are more conventional alternatives.

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