This Chicken Lollipop Recipe

This Chicken Lollipop Recipe is typically considered as a hors d’œuvre or appetizer dish. Though now not every person might also understand, this fowl dish is made from hen wings. In the Philippines, Chicken Lollipop is considered as a main dish and is prepared in a simpler way as compared to the chicken lollipop dishes of India and other nations. It is served with warm white rice.

This dish has a large similarity to Asian Pan Fried Chicken , although it takes a chunk greater effort and time to prepare.

How to Prepare Chicken Lollipop

Preparation is the important thing to this dish. The cooking manner is easy. Even freshmen can cook dinner gentle crispy fried hen wings using this method as long as the wings are well prepped.

The chicken wings want to be sliced into portions, We can be wanting the wingette and drumette elements. Save the wingtip for destiny use. It can be used as element for chook stock.
The subsequent step is to push all the meat to one quit of the bone. Do this by way of loosening the meat from one give up of the bone and forcibly pushing it right down to the alternative give up. Sometimes it is as clean as pushing it downwards with a bit pressure, but once in a while a knife is wanted to loosen the beef and muscle mass from the bone. I recommend which you watch the video below to see how I did mine.
The information of the cooking manner are indexed within the recipe underneath.
Kids love this dish. I’m now not having a tough time encouraging them to complete their meal each time I serve those tiny fried hen for dinner. In case your youngsters are choosy with their food, you presently realize what to give them next.
Have amusing making hen lollipop at domestic. Let me understand what you reflect onconsideration on our recipe.

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