This Simple Recipe for Chicken Noodle Soup is easy and quick. In fact, it takes less than half-hour to put together. What makes this soup dish handy to make and really flavorful has some thing to do with the fowl. I am the usage of rotisserie fowl for this recipe — roasted chook also can be used.

Rotisserie and roasted chook are each cooked and ready to consume. These are also very tasty. The fact that those chook are already cooked saves us time because we do now not need to cook the bird longer. The flavor of the chook blends well with all of the component and is a key factor inside the ordinary taste of this soup dish.

I am the usage of a huge flat dumpling noodles made handiest of egg whites. You do not want to apply the equal factor if it is not conveniently to be had for your location: any flat noodle or the pasta of your choice is ideal sufficient. I advocate the subsequent: macaroni, farfalle, and rotini.

Try this Simple Recipe for Chicken Noodle Soup. Send us your remarks.

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