Nilagang Baka with Kalabasa is a Filipino beef soup. It has a clear broth and is also composed of vegetables such as butternut squash, long green beans, and bok choy. This recipe is a variation of the traditional nilagang baka wherein cubed potatoes are used instead of squash.

This dish is easy to cook and it is perfect to have during cold or rainy days. It is best when eaten with rice and a saucer of fish sauce with calamansi and crushed spicy pepper on the side. Some would love to use soy sauce as an alternative to patis for condiment.

It should take around 1 ½ to 2 hours to tenderize the beef when boiling it traditionally on a stovetop. This is represented in the first two steps of the recipe below. However, there are also other ways to tenderize the beef quickly. Using a pressure cooker is one method that I suggest. It should take you around 30 minutes to achieve the expected outcome. All that needs to be done is to proceed to step 3 of the recipe and continue cooking until the dish is completed.

In terms of the type of kalabasa to use, you can either use butternut squash or calabaza squash (kalabasa). I chose to use the first because I find it tastier and somewhat sweeter than the other. It is a matter of preference. Cubed potato can also be added if desired.

The greens that I used for this recipe is only limited to baby bok choy. Feel free to use cabbage. Some varieties that fit this dish are regular cabbage, savoy, and Napa cabbage. It is also a good idea to have both cabbage and bok choy or pechay at the same time.
There are also other ingredients that can be added to make your Nilagang Baka with Kalabasa taste better. Ripe saba banana should be able to make this dish taste sweeter. I use this as an ingredient for my nilaga dishes once in a while.

I invite you to consider this recipe and give it a shot. It is ideal for those who are starting to learn how to cook as the process is simple and easy.

Try this Nilagang Baka with Kalabasa Recipe. Let me know what you think.

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